ASIST 2020 - Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Series

I will be speaking on a panel at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology. More details about the invited Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Series are available here.


Mentoring, Immersion, and Long-Term Support of Underrepresented Students: Spotlight on the i3 Program

Kayla Booth, University of Pittsburgh, USA; Megan Threats, Rutgers University, USA;  Lynette Yarger, Pennsylvania State University, USA; Curtis Cain,Howard University, USA

Among the most frequent conversations in library and information science (LIS) is that of recruitment of diverse candidates. Despite many initiatives to recruit a diverse LIS workforce (e.g., the ALA Spectrum Initiative, various IMLS grant-funded programs) there is still a dearth of diverse students in LIS programs, and therefore the professions. This session will spotlight the iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3) which is an undergraduate research and leadership development program that prepares students from underrepresented populations for graduate study and careers in the information sciences. Over 200 underrepresented students have participated in the program since 2011. 100% of these students have been accepted to one or more graduate LIS/IS programs, and 99% completed their programs (Booth et. al, 2020). The program will feature the i3 directors, program mentors, and a program alum who will share their strategies for recruit and mentoring success.

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